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If you just heard about this transfer service and want to learn more, these questions and answers might help.
Why should I transfer to DVD?

Remember those boxes of old home movies collecting dust in the back of your closet? Your videotapes, movie film, and slides are fading over time. Instead of letting your memories fade away, why not have them transferred to Hollywood-style DVDs, where they are easier to watch and more fun to share?

Setting up an old, bulky film projector (if you even have one) is not convenient. It is not easy to watch and share reels of old home movies.

Having your slides and photo prints transferred to DVD is a great way to archive and organize your collection. The slides and prints are converted to digital files, which are easy to share with email and on the web.

When you transfer to DVD, your videos and images are easy to watch and share on your DVD player. DVDs are organized into menus and chapters that make it easy to find favorite scenes.

Is the Walmart DVD transfer service right for me?

Walmart's goal is to make the transfer experience convenient and easy for people who don't have much technical expertise, equipment or time to make their own DVDs.

Walmart technology creates complete DVDs with "Hollywood-style" features that are ready to be enjoyed.

If you want the complete "no-hassle" experience, then give Walmart a try. If you require a lot of customization and editing, or just want a simple transfer of raw footage for your own video project, then you might be more satisfied with your own work.

Which formats can Walmart transfer to DVD?
Videotapes: VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Hi-8, Digital 8, MiniDV, 8mm videotape, BetaMax
Movie Film Reels: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm
Slides: 35mm slides in plastic or cardboard mounts
Photo Prints: Sizes 2" x 2" to 8" x 12"
Digital Media:
USB Drives, Data CD/DVDs
Digital Memory Cards:
SD Memory Cards, SDHC, miniSD, miniSDHC, microSD, microSDHC, MultiMediaCard, MMCplus, MMCmobile, RS-MMC, RS-MMC DV, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo,
xD-Picture Card, xD Type M, xD Type M+,
xD Type H, CompactFlash
Video Files: MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, Quicktime, WMV
Image Files: JPEG
Will Walmart transfer foreign tape formats to DVD?

PAL tapes (the most common format in Europe) in VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS and 8mm videotape can be transferred to a DVD in NTSC (United States format). PAL DVDs cannot be created from PAL tapes.

Will the DVD be compatible with my DVD player?

A DVD disc will play in almost all standalone DVD players in use today. If your DVD player was purchased after 2001 and can read DVD-R discs, it is very likely that your DVD player is compatible with DVDs.

Will the DVD run on my Macintosh computer?

If your Macintosh computer has a DVD-ROM drive and can play regular Hollywood DVDs, it is very likely that the DVDs will play on the Macintosh.

Digital Scrapbook will not work on a Mac...but savvy and experienced Mac users can still access movie clips by using third-party Mac applications. These applications convert DVD contents into a file format that can be edited using iMovie or other movie editing software. Click here to download the Mac Guide (PDF).

What comes with a DVD from my videotape?

- DVD chapter menus with choice of DVD theme
- DVD case with chapter picture index
- DVD title, up to 35 characters
- 3 Music Video highlight reels (one minute each)
- Digital Scrapbook PC software, built into the DVD
- 80 JPEG still image files taken from my footage

Will Walmart repair broken videotapes?

Yes. For a nominal charge, Walmart will repair tapes and replace tape cases for tapes that were broken or damaged prior to shipment. Videotape repair services are available only with transfers and cannot be ordered separately.

What comes with a DVD from my movie film reels?

- Color enhancements
- Reduction in scratches, dust, dirt and lint
- Cleaning, splicing and repair
- DVD chapter menus with choice of DVD theme
- Your choice of background music or original audio
- DVD case with chapter picture index
- DVD title, up to 35 characters
- 3 Music Video highlight reels (one minute each)
- Digital Scrapbook PC software, built into the DVD
- 80 JPEG still image files taken from my footage

What comes with a DVD from my slides?

- DVD chapter menus with choice of DVD theme
- Slideshow of your images with your choice of background music. Each image will appear for about 5 seconds.
- DVD case with chapter picture index
- DVD title, up to 35 characters
- 3 Music Video highlight reels (one minute each)
- Digital Scrapbook PC software, built into the DVD
- 4-megapixel JPEG image files, ready to print or email

Will my original materials be returned?

Absolutely! The media and reels or containers will be returned with the completed order.

Note: Movie film will be cleaned and spliced onto new 400 ft. reels, supplied by Walmart. Your original empty reels will be returned.

Will the quality of my footage be edited or enhanced?

For video to DVD orders, the service is strictly a transfer service. Footage will not be enhanced.

For film to DVD, slides to DVD and prints to DVD orders, the footage and images will be enhanced, showing more vibrant colors and reduced scratches, dust and lint on the film surface.

Can Walmart transfer my video, reels and slides to CD?

No, all videos and images are recorded to archival-quality DVDs.

Can Walmart transfer my video, reels and slides to VHS videotape?

No, all videos and images are recorded to archival-quality DVDs.

Can I add my own music to my DVD order?

No, you may not add your own music to a DVD. DVDs from film, slides and prints include your choice of instrumental background music. Listen to the music samples.

Can my original audio from film be transferred to DVD?

Yes, on Super 8mm we can transfer magnetic audio and on 16 mm film we can transfer only the optical audio from film.

Why should I trust Walmart with my memories?

We understand that our customers send us their most treasured memories and we handle each order with very special care.

Each order is assigned a unique bar code, so that it can be easily tracked during every step in processing. Our Online Order Tracking System allows you to follow the progress of your order.

If you have any questions or concerns with your order, our Customer Care team, available by phone and email, is happy to help.

If you are ready to order your DVD, these questions and answers will help you understand how to prepare your order.
Where can I place my order?

There are about 843 stores where you can place your order. Use our Store Locator to find the ones closest to you.

You will drop off your materials and pick up your finished order at the store's photo counter.

Can I place an order online or over the phone?

No, you must place your order at the store's photo counter.

Order video to DVD mail-in kits online or over the phone. These are only good for video transfers and can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

What is the service time?

The transfer service takes about 3-4 weeks.

During the Christmas season and other holidays, we typically experience heavier order volume, which can result in longer service time. If you are ordering a DVD for a Holiday gift, we recommend that you allow extra time.
Service times are estimates and while we try our best to complete the orders in a timely fashion, the Walmart store can make promises or guarantees regarding service time.

The store is listed on the Store Locator, but the employee does not know about the service. What should I do?

While we strive to educate the stores about the service, there is a chance that not every employee of all 27,000 participating stores will be trained to accept DVD transfer orders properly.

For a smooth ordering experience, carefully go through each item on the DVD Transfer Order Checklist.

To report issues with ordering at a particular store, contact Walmart Customer Care at 1-877-571-3774. We will be happy to work with that store, to ensure a more comfortable ordering experience.

What is a Digital Transfer Services order form?

Our stores use a special order forms for DVD orders.

What should I do if the store has run out of forms?

You can print out an order form from this website. Find your nearest drop-off location using Walmart's store locator. From the list of results, select a store by clicking on the "Details and Special Offer" button. On that page you can view and print and order form to fill out and submit to the store.

Will Walmart offer a discount for large orders?

Will Walmart offer a discount for large orders? Discounts might be given on a case-by-case basis. If you are submitting many tapes, reels, slides, or photos for transfer to DVD, or if you need to order many DVD copies, contact Walmart Customer Care at 1-877-571-3774 or support@yesvideo.com

Can I submit a video that was recorded by a professional videographer?

If you have a wedding video or similar video recorded by a professional, you must obtain their permission for Walmart to transfer the footage to DVD. Submit a signed copyright waiver form with the order.

Note that orders containing copyrighted materials, not accompanied with a signed copyright waiver form, will be returned unprocessed.

Where can I find a copyright waiver form?

Click here to download and print the copyright waiver form.

Can I transfer recorded TV shows to DVD?

No, we will not process copyrighted TV footage.

Will my original film reels be returned?

Yes, but the film will be cleaned, spliced and combined onto new 400 ft. reels supplied by Walmart. Your empty reels will be returned.

How can I calculate the number of feet of film?

Use this chart to help you calculate your footage:

Film reel diameter Approximate feet Maximum reels per DVD;
3 inches 40 feet 32 reels
5 inches 200 feet 8 reels
7 inches 400 feet 4 reels

May I include a title for my DVD?

Yes! You may include a title, up to 35 characters

Why should I order extra copies?

This is an easy way to share your memories and a DVD copy makes a great gift. It is also a good idea to keep one copy of your video memories in a safe deposit box.

You can order copies after receiving the finished DVD, but it will be priced as a new order. We recommend ordering your extra copies when you place your order.

Can I mix different media types in the same order?

No, we can only transfer one media type per DVD. For example, slides and tapes cannot be transferred to the same DVD. If you have more than one media type, place each order separately and fill out a separate form for each order.

Can I mix different media formats of the same type?

Yes, different videotape types (i.e. VHS, miniDV) may be combined in the same order. Different movie reel formats (i.e. 8mm, Super 8) may also be combined in the same order, but like reels of like formats must be grouped together in viewing order.

How much videotape footage will fit on one DVD?

Each DVD can hold up to 2 hours of footage.

How much film footage will fit on one DVD?

For 8mm or Super 8 reels, 1600 feet of film will fit on one DVD. For 16mm reels, 3200 feet of film will fit on one DVD.

How many slides or prints will fit on one DVD?

Up to 500 slides or prints (not combined) may be transferred onto one DVD.

How do I prepare my slides for processing?

It is very important that you remove your slides from all carousels, binders, trays and sheets. Receiving slides contained in these items slows down the process and requires extra work and shipping costs for us, so extra charges may apply if these items are submitted.

The best way to prepare your slides is to number them in the preferred viewing order and separate them into bundles of 25-40 slides. Secure each bundle with rubber bands.

What extra charges should I expect?

There are no hidden charges. Extra charges may apply to the following:

- Your footage or images exceeded the maximum allowed per DVD and had to be separated into multiple orders. - Your videotape required repairs or case replacement. - Your videotape was in a foreign (PAL) format. - Your slides were submitted in carousels, binders, trays or sheets. - You chose original audio from your movie film instead of music.

How do I indicate the viewing order of my materials?

Label your tapes, reels, slides or photo prints in viewing order. If they are not labeled, they will be processed in random order.

If you have already placed an order and are waiting for your DVD(s), here are some common questions and answers.
How can I check on my order while it is being processed?

You can access the status of your order using our Online Order Tracking system or by calling 1-877-571-3774. You will need your photo envelope number or order number.

I've recently placed an order. How come it is not showing up on the online tracking system?

Please allow the labs about a week to receive your order and enter it into the system.
If your order is still not showing up, don't worry -- contact our support team and we will try to locate it for you.

I placed several orders at the same time. How come I have received some finished DVDs,
while the others are still being processed?

Each order is processed separately and given separate attention. Some orders take longer than others and to ensure the highest quality, some need more attention than others. They might not make it into the same shipment back to the store.





If you have already received your DVD(s) and have questions or issues with your order,
here are some common questions and answers.
Can I order more copies of my finished DVD after receiving it?

Absolutely. Just submit your finished DVD back to the store where you placed your order. We will duplicate the DVD, complete with chapter menus, title and DVD case.

It will cost the same as a new videotape to DVD order. The "Extra DVD copy" price is only good at time of original order.

I am not happy with the quality of the DVD. What should I do?

Definitely contact our Customer Care team by phone or email. If it's a technical or quality issue, we can attempt to reprocess the order to your satisfaction. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds.

I am not happy with my experience at the store or photo counter. What should I do?

If you had a problem at the store or photo counter, contact our Customer Care team by phone or email.
Let us know the store location and we will work with them to resolve the issue.

My order was returned unprocessed. Why?

Unprocessed orders may be due to one of these reasons:

- We found possible copyrighted material without permission to process.
- We found illegal or obscene material and cannot process.
- Your media was not an accepted format.
- Your tape needed repair and we need your permission in order to proceed.
- The quality of the tape or film was so poor that we could not process.

The unprocessed order should be accompanied by a note from the technician. If you have any questions about an unprocessed order, please contact our Customer Care team.

I have questions about the pricing of my order.

Contact our Customer Care team if you need help understanding the pricing of your order. If you feel that you have been charged incorrectly, we are happy to advise and explain, but keep in mind that you may have to work directly with your store to resolve the issue.

How can I edit my DVD footage?

Digital Scrapbook is the easiest way to edit your DVD footage on your PC. You can trim video clips, capture still photos from your video and more.

Learn more about Digital Scrapbook.

Is Digital Scrapbook software included on my DVD?

If you ordered your DVD after June 2007, your DVD most likely includes Digital Scrapbook software.

How do I launch Digital Scrapbook software?

Insert the DVD disc into the computer's DVD-ROM drive and open My Computer from the Start Menu. Your DVD drive should read Yesvideo. Right-click on Yesvideo and select AutoPlay. A launcher menu should appear. Click on Digital Scrapbook. Digital Scrapbook will launch with the photos or video clips pre-loaded into the Library.

Is Digital Scrapbook software compatible with my computer?

Windows 200/WindowsXP: with a DVD-ROM; Pentum - 400mhz processor; 256 MB Ram;
800x600 screen resolution; Windows Media Encoder 9 series.drive is required.
DVD playback software must also be installed on the PC.

Windows Vista: DVD-ROM; 1Ghz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor; 512 MB Ram; 20 GB hard drive
with at least 15 GB of available space; Support for DirectX 9 graphics and 32 MB of graphics memory;
800x600 screen resolution; Windows Media Encoder 9 series.

 Note: Digital Scrapbook will not work on a Mac, Windows 98 or ME

What if I don't have DVD playback software?

PCs with DVD-ROM drives are likely to have DVD playback software installed. In case your PC does not have DVD playback software, you can download a trial or purchase one of these playback programs:

Cyberlink PowerDVD
interVideo WinDVD©
Nero Showtime

After you install the playback software, restart the computer and launch Digital Scrapbook again.

Can I share some video clips on YouTube?

Yes! You can use Digital Scrapbook to prepare your video clips to share on YouTube. Follow these instructions.

How do I view the JPEG image files from my slides?

Open My Computer and right-click on your DVD drive. Choose Explore. Double-click on the Pictures directory. Your JPEG files should appear in this directory.