Disc and CaseThe Problem with Videotapes.
  • The average lifespan of your home videotapes is about 20 years. Your tapes are slowly starting to degrade and will eventually no longer viewable.
  • Each time you view, rewind or fast-forward your videotape, it is slowly breaking down.

Let Walmart Transfer
Your Videos to DVD!
  • Watch your digitally enhanced video on your TV or computer
  • Go directly to your favorite scene.
  • Eliminate the worry that your treasured memories could degrade.
  • Organize your entire home video collection.
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your Order Online!
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accepted videotape formatsAll common videotape formats can be transferred to YesDVD, including:

  • VHS to DVD
  • VHS-C to DVD
  • S-VHS to DVD
  • BetaMax to DVD
  • MiniDV to DVD
  • Hi-8 to DVD
  • Digital 8 to DVD
  • miniDV to DVD
  • 8mm videotape to DVD

* Accepted PAL formats: VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS

  1. DVD chapter menus (you choose a theme background)
  2. Chapter pictures on the DVD case
  3. DVD title (appears on the main menu screen, case and disc)
  4. Music video highlights from your content

Starting at $24.96 MSRP for 1 tape, 2 hours total.

  • Combine Several Tapes - Several tapes containing short footage cannot be combined onto one DVD. The maximum per DVD is 2 tapes, 2 hours total.
  • Raw Video Footage on DVD - We cannot deliver just the raw footage on DVD for you to edit using video software. Our YesDVDs are authored to play on a DVD player and to be enjoyed like a Hollywood movie.
  • Customized DVD Projects - Because of Walmart's automated process, we can't make custom projects, such as adding captions and adding custom music.